Philanthropy in Motion is a project of Philanthropy Laboratory and Yale Philanthropy in Action

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Philanthropy in Motion turns the act of giving by young people into a catalyst to grow the philanthropic sector and civil society. Young people become passionate about using their treasure, talent and time to make the world a better, healthier and more just place to live.

What PIM does

Building on the model of Yale Philanthropy in Action, PIM draws participants from around the globe focusing on developing next generation donors in China, South Africa, Ghana, the European global diaspora, India, Pakistan and the United States. A cross-cultural learning about philanthropy takes place in local communities across the globe. Participants engage philanthropy through the lens of the Western tradition and their own. Next generation donors connect with global thought leaders and local NGOs to build their philanthropic sector and expand the role of civil society.

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PIM Gatherings

PIM holds a series of trainings in the China, South Africa, India and Pakistan and elsewhere. Through a debate-driven seminar local donors and NGOS are provided with a unique environment to collaborate, devise, and implement a strategy for financially supporting NGOs operating domestically within their country (and around the globe). PIM creates a fund for members of the seminar to distribute to one or more NGO(s), turning theory into practice.

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PIM Gospel of Philanthropy

In addition to becoming philanthropists and managing a PIM donor fund, participant will have the opportunity to interact and build relationships with NGO and public interest leaders. The research and results of their deliberation will be presented to the public via various media channels to increase awareness of the philanthropic opportunities and to inspire more philanthropic initiatives.

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A message from our sponsor:

Maxim Thorne: "Philanthropy Laboratory Incubator is very excited about Philanthropy in Motion -PIM. This experiential learning model achieves three goals: 1. It develops and trains a local donor community, 2. The participants actually provide seed capital and thought leadership to the organizations they study, and 3. They expand the global and local knowledge of sector and thereby potentially attract more investors and thought leaders from the local and international community to grow the philanthropic sector and civil society."